Casting a feature length film

scriptI wish I had a handful of actors in my circle of friends so that I could easily pluck them for the roles in my first feature film, The Ocean.

But at the same time, I’m glad I have to put effort into finding decent talent because I know, in the end, it will be worth it. Seeking talent from a pool of professional actors as made available on will allow me to find the best possible fit for my characters.


I’ve already received close to thirty applications for the roles of Bowman and Carter — by some highly qualified actors. I hope to meet with a bunch of them over the next few weeks to see who is most capable of investing time and energy into making these characters come to life.

The biggest challenge I see, for the actors and for myself, is ensuring the story is uniformly entertaining from start to finish. Really, it’s only about two characters — from beginning to end — spiraling into insanity. So the actors I choose will be burdened with an incredible amount of work. They must make the characters believable — through the entire story — leaving absolutely no room for compromise. Now, I’ve done my part with crafting the characters in a literal sense — my actors will have to take this, reshape it, and translate it into a living form, with quirks and nuances and emotions and fears. It’s a lengthy script with pages-long dialogue that can easily fall apart if the actor is unable to grasp the character.

However, as I continually examine applications from Starnow, my doubts are alleviated by how talented most of these applicants are; I no longer fear that whoever I choose to fill these roles will put less than 100% of their efforts into the project.



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