The Ocean: Composite shot breakdown

So I can’t actually go out to the middle of the Pacific ocean to get the shots I need (obviously, who really can? James Cameron, I suppose). So the obvious alternative is green screen compositing.

The video above is a VERY CRUDE example of what I hope to achieve. It’s really just supposed to give you a demo of framing the foreground plate shot.

Fortunately I do not have very many shots that need green screening — most of them are establishing shots, capping the beginning or ending of some scenes.

My aim is to shoot the foreground plates on a series of green screen panels (possibly just Bristol Board…2/$1 at Dollarama!) outdoors on the final day of principal photography. The foreground plates will be matched up with purchased stock video background plates — and the correct perspective. I will add a motion effect in Adobe After Effects to give the raft the appearance of riding the waves.

There are eight (maybe nine) green screen shots required, the most difficult being in scene 6 that will require me to use a crane to capture the scene from directly above.

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