I love budgeting (said no one, ever)

budget-470x280Putting a budget together, regardless of its application, always leaves me bewildered at how much money I’m spending on items that are not actually that expensive. Like a camera battery: $150 is not exactly a ton of money — but I need at least three — plus tax — which is going to be about $500. Give or take, that’s three percent of my overall budget.

Small items add up quick. And location shooting doesn’t leave a lot of room for error — a filmmaker must be completely prepared for anything to happen on a location shoot, whether it be power supply issues, weather, faulty equipment — anything that can potentially effect the production schedule. That means that extra equipment, extra props, extra make-up, etc., needs to be included in the inventory and thus included in the budget, in an effort to stifle any problems that may occur on set.

Fortunately, I own most of the camera and sound equipment I need for this production. For everything else I will be renting and buying — I have separated them into the following 8 indexes:

A – PHOTOGRAPHY $1,995 13%
B – SOUND $180 1%
C – LIGHTING $228 2%
D – MISCELLANEOUS $2,197 15%
F – MAKE-UP $216 1%
G – PROPS $4,145 28%
H – CAST & CREW $5,600 38%



Cast & crew and props are the two largest expenses on this production — which makes sense — as the entire film will be shot with only two actors in a life raft. I’ve been told by many people to simply hire actors or crew who are willing to work for screen credit rather than pay. But I believe the added incentive of daily pay plus deferred payment (based on net profit gained) will attract better, more interested talent than the alternative. I do not see this index of the budget going through any cuts.

Overall the budget will no doubt change during the next few months as I repeatedly skim through it, looking for other ways to trim costs. Since this budget is preliminary, most of the costs are assumed at this time to remain at these price points — but these could change too.

And that pretty much concludes what I have to say about budgeting. It sucks. I guess I didn’t really need to blog about it.

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