How to get away with filmmaking

office-470x280Today I completed draft 2 of my new screenplay for How To Get Away With Murder, the comedy about, well, murder. And how to get away with it.

I’ve identified that the shooting location will be the amenities room in my condo — which will be dressed up as an office. It will be easy to move equipment to the set from my unit and the location itself will be extremely comfortable and hospitable for the actors and crew (not like being out on the lake for hours, as per my other production).

I’ve also determined that principal photography will take roughly four days (16 hours) as most of the shoot involves the two principal actors.

I’ve included a brief video below that details the layout of the set. Of course for the production it will dressed up more like a psychologist’s office (you know, fake plants, diplomas, psych texts, etc.)

Over the next two weeks I’ll be working on draft 3 and a production schedule. I won’t start casting until at least draft 5 (mid July I hope).

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