SCRIPT: How To Get Away With It

how-to-get-away-with-it-script-470x280You read that right! I’ve completed the [hopefully] final draft of my new script, How to Get Away with It. You can read it by clicking the link below.

If you’re not familiar with the story then check this out. It’ll explain everything for you. The script itself is heavy on the dialogue side — hence its whopping 157 pages. The general rule of one minute per page doesn’t really apply here, as most of the dialogue will be quick, witty banter, as in Clue or Clerks (or various other classic cinematic narratives you may have enjoyed in the past).


Right now I’m the process of planning the budget — trying to keep it under $4,000; thanks to the script’s sole location, this won’t be a problem. Once I’ve determined the budget, I intend to produce a set of storyboards that will aid in the establishment of shots and angles I want to capture during production. I already know what the location looks like, so I estimate 30-40 days to put the boards together.

Following this, I’ll probably turn to again to cast the roles. There are two principal roles (Reese and the Doctor), to which about 80% of the dialogue belongs. There are also four periphery roles (Robyn, Raine, Pizza Guy, Cop) integral to the story.

Right now I’m planning to shoot this over four nights, this fall. Four is doable. Five is pushing it. But damn, I do love to push it.

More to come, obviously.

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