Casting call


I am seeking a group of actors for a feature film I intend to shoot late this fall, titled, “How To Get Away With It”. The film is a dark comedy about homicide, taking place in the office of a psychologist as he and his patient argue about the plausibility of committing murder and getting away with it. Some of you reading this may have applied to audition for the role in another film I was working on earlier this year: Unfortunately that particular project fell through due to ballooning costs — paving the way for this feature, which is much more manageable.

Please check out my StarNow listing to apply OR shoot me an email directly (

Because the entire film takes place in one location and involves only a small handful of characters in a given scene, I am hoping to connect with actors who are dynamic, creative, meticulous and funny. I am also hoping to meet with actors who are capable of carrying a scene for a lengthy period of time (long takes, few cuts).

The screenplay is a collection of conversations between two or more characters. There is little dynamic action (except for the climax) which is why I would like to find actors who can take the roles and really inject a personality into them.

These are paid positions. Right now I have been able to budget $1000 for each principle actor, and $250 for the two supporting actors. There is a possibility the pay will increase as more funding is secured. Additionally, actors will receive a percentage of the net profit from the film based upon an amount and schedule TBD.

The shoot itself will take place at night, over the course of four days. There will not be a need to change any costume, and food and beverages will be supplied. I will be using natural lighting in the location, only several props, and there will be some make-up service provided.

I ask that you be located in Toronto, able to shoot nights in the King and Bathurst neighborhood, have an open schedule for consecutive nights, be non-union (or able to complete small, independent projects), and be available for some dialogue re-recording after principal photography is completed. Send me a quick note and any ideas you have. I’d like to be able to see an example of some of your acting work but this is not a mandatory requirement.


“How To Get Away With It” is a story about a psychologist and his patient who argue, over the course of one session, whether or not it is possible to get away with killing someone. The psychologist, who we know as The Doctor, claims that eventually every cold case can be solved with persistent investigation. The patient, Reese, argues that it is very easy for anyone to get away with murder, confusing both the investigators and friends/family of the victim so that the case will never be solved, or so that murder will never even come up as a possibility. Reese and The Doctor develop a plan, flowchart and profile of the perfect murder and perfect victim. Over the course of the story, they push the envelope bit by bit, first by luring a potential victim, then by convincing a potential victim to cut-off all communication from the outside world, and finally, by actually murdering a person. A bad idea gets worse and leaves the two with the arduous, albeit hilarious task of covering up their crime.


Once the picture is locked, I intend to submit it to a number of national and international film festivals in an effort to gain exposure. In full sales-person mode, I also intend to court popular distributors of independent films, in an attempt to get the film exposure in limited theatrical release or Netflix.

I take this project very seriously. I have wanted to make films my whole life, and only in the last few years have I begun to really put the pieces together in order to break into the industry. Call it bias or arrogance, I feel that this project has legs and can really take off running and have a substantial impact in Canadian independent cinema — but it will REALLY take off with talented performers cast into the roles.



Reese is a Type A male — dominant, assertive and arrogant. He is also diagnosed as a psychopath during the film. Most of the time he is hiding behind a smile and a laugh. Reese exhibits numerous behavioral problems in the story but ignores or fails to acknowledge the existence of them. He is incredibly persuasive — able to manipulate others into ‘performing’ for him and going along with his plans. His ideas are extremely convincing and he knows how that if he can push the  boundaries just a little bit more and more, he can get what he wants. On the surface he acts impatient, which is just cover for his real patience — getting what he wants. Reese is loud, obnoxious, and finds humor in the macabre (or is very comfortable with morbidity). Age range to pull off: 35-40.


The Doctor is a straight-laced, clean-cut, average man. He is highly intelligent and possesses several degrees in behavioral psychology. The Doctor is often in competition with Reese — at times arguing with him for the sake of shaking Reese’s world view — a sort of intellectual ‘dick-wagging’. He is persistent and honest, but falls victim to Reese’s persuasion and manipulation. In the presence of Reese, the Doctor is highly suggestible. As their bad idea gets worse, the Doctor attempts to maintain control of the situation by capitalizing on the positives and diminishing the negatives. In a way he becomes the patient seeking reassurance and guidance from Reese once they commit the homicide. Age range: 35-40.


Robyn’s behavior can be described as polite and conservative, but strong-willed when her efforts of engagement are impeded. She is a feisty and fiery individual, which explains why she was attracted to and by Reese in the first place. Robyn enters the film very confused as to why she is involved in their scheme: Believing she can help Reese one last time, she exits her scene in a fit of rage — the last straw — following another one of Reese’s lies. Age range: 30-33.


Raine is a high-end escort, providing sexual services at a rate normally reserved for corporate professionals. Her attitude is rude, honest, straight-forward, conceited and demanding. She knows what her job is — and what her clients expect — she plays safe and goes on her way. No personal questions. Everything is an act. Including her name. Everything about her is fake. In her daytime life however, she is a masters student, studying psychology — easily connecting her with the doctor at the displeasure of Reese. Age range: 20-25.

THE VICTIM (SCN 8-10, PG 136-157)

A nameless, quiet delivery boy. Most of his appearance in the film is from behind a plastic bag.

THE COP (SCN 10, PG 152-157)

The Cop is a no-shit-taking law enforcer with a dark secret and a flexible sense of morals.


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