Casting complete, production in three weeks!


With casting now complete and the crew assembled, the excitement is really starting to build up!

There are only three weeks left until production begins and so far we are in great shape — which, I have to say, is remarkable. We’re now arranging our production days and attempting to determine how much extra time we’ll need if we go over-time.

But enough of that stuff — to introduce the cast of How to Get Away with It (in order of the image above): Jon Berrie as Reese, John Cianciolo as the Doctor, Kerry Prunskus as Robyn, Julia Heximer as Raine, Justin Greig as the Cop and Shane Campbell as the Pizza Guy.

You can also check us out on

Introducing the crew: Laura Grande (Line Producer and Assistant Director), Sean Marjoram (Director of Photography), Danielle Peckitt (Camera Assistant), Shane Campbell (Sound Mixer), Jennifer Ouellette (Catering and Production Assistance) and myself, Andrew Dunlop (Director, Producer, Writer and Editor).

Like I said — EXCITING. More updates soon, I promise.


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