How to get away with editing

edit-board-largeI actually started to edit the film just after the new year began, when I was only in possession of scenes 1, 2, 4 and 6 (hence my head start here).

With one last shoot day remaining (tonight, actually), I wanted to continue the exciting momentum we’re feeling by plowing through some of the arduous post production tasks.

Borrowing from my background in music recording, I’ve decided to produce a tracking board to display the film’s post production progress (and to direct any questions to which I don’t feel like answering in the next few months). I am sure every editor has their own version of this — or exactly this — or they use something far more professional. Like everything I do, I’m feeling my way through it all; I’ve never cut a feature film before (feature “video”, let’s be honest with ourselves here) so my approach is that of working on little projects, one after another until the picture takes shape or form towards the end.

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