An update on “How to Get Away with it”

htgawi-470x685 The feature film, How to Get Away with it, is still in post-production. Fortunately, I do not have to answer to any higher authority OR abide by a hard-and-fast deadline. This has given me the ability to take my time working on the VFX — which I am completing myself.

You can watch a brief demonstration of background VFX here.

Outside of the background VFX, I have an additional 320 effect shots to complete — mostly minor corrections (from a foot popping into frame to adjusting an actors line-of-sight, maintaining the 180 degree rule). I hope to put some more effect shot video clips up over the next month or so.

Once the VFX are complete I’ll perform a quality check — then it’s off to color correcting, while I will work on sound.


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