About 1984


1984 is a vanity film production label I started in 2013 that currently co-exists alongside my media production company, ad.media.

I intend to write, produce and direct at least a dozen motion pictures over the next ten years, beginning with The Ocean. 1984 also happens to be the year I was born.


My name is Andrew Dunlop, husband and father, graphic designer, videographer, writer and long-time filmmaker-in-training. For over 20 years I have dreamed of seeing my ideas come to life on a movie screen — at the age of 10 I knew exactly what I wanted to do in my future: Make movies. I started by producing meticulously-planned videos of Star Trek stories with my friend Greg and our action figures. They were scripted. Sets were constructed out of cardboard and painted. Effects were produced photographically, as digital video editing in the mid 1990s was not readily available (the computer I had at the time had a 100mb hard drive). I remember we painted stars on black Bristol board and flew hand-painted model star ships in front of it.

My desire to make movies actually goes further back than that — at age seven I saw Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and, like the rest of the world, my mind was blown. Okay, okay, some people are inspired by more virtuous examples of filmmaking, however, I can definitely associate the viewing of T2 to the moment my view of the world changed — it’s hard to explain — but from then on, art I created was no longer something I viewed, but something I began to live through — as if my mind’s eye developed rapidly and I began to see anything I could imagine with immense and immersive detail.

High school really enabled me to explore and create — and collaborate with like-minded individuals. It was in this phase where I learned how to edit tape-to-tape, in a linear workflow. In 2001 I produced and directed a feature-length thriller called ‘Requiem’ with my friend Justin. The linear edit meant we had to have the story locked down shot for shot — the planning was intense — and fun. The discipline gained — invaluable. Linear editing gradually led to non-linear editing where I quickly mastered this as well — a credit to my familiarity and comfort with Photoshop, as image editing and motion image editing were interchangeable processes — at least in my mind.

After high school I started a band. At the time it seemed easier and more fun to quickly write songs, play them live and get wasted with friends. Movie making took a back seat.

Following my post-secondary career, and with great contempt for life, I decided I would do whatever it took to bring my ideas to the big screen. In my mid 20s, I thought, if all these people can pull themselves up to the top of the film industry, why can’t I? What is the difference between me and them? Nothing. I began to feverishly lay out all of my ideas, filling dozens of notebooks with fiction, drama, horror — anything that came to mind — like planets forming, bits of ideas would coagulate into stories — stories would become scripts and —

And here I am now. Armed with a dozen stories I will be producing into films over the next ten years.

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